NIC Connected, no activity

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NIC Connected, no activity

Post by Coert on 6th October 2009, 8:16 pm

my onboard Sis Nic shows connected as soon as I plug the network cable into it. It gives the limited connectivity message meaning no ip from the DHCP server. If I manually assign an IP, I get the message the card is connected. Looking at the status of the card there is no activity, no packets send or received, ZERO.
I disabled the onboard card, installed a pci NIC, same problem. Then I installed a USB network card, exactly same story.
I ran Ad-Aware and got rid of a few bugs, no solution. Virus scan, no luck.
Tried to reinstal/fixl winsock with Microsoft solution (MicrosoftFixit50203.msi), winsockfix.
Ran "netsh......" and all the command. No freak'n luck.
Disabled everything possible in msconfig and under services in order to eliminate any possible bugs running blocking the card.

Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
ps.ipconfig /renew, release of no help


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