Workgroup Networking Printer Issue.

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Workgroup Networking Printer Issue.

Post by Beno on Thu 01 Oct 2009, 6:25 am

Hi All,

I wonder whether you could help me.

In my house we have 3 laptops 2 computers ( don't use one. ) Our internet connection runs off a reƖ Belkin router. We have set up a workgroup network were we can all see each others shared documents. One of the laptops we own is connected to the computer which has the printer connected, this laptop can print from her laptop to the printer. I in the other hand ( i have a windows vista operating system) can not, i go to add printer and i browse the network printers and i select the one i want and i go install ( add ) and opportunity it says at the end [ Windows can not connect to the printer access denied]

This to me sounded like a firewall issue and i disabled the firewall on the computer were the printer is connect and still no look.

If you could help me this would be great.

Many Thanks,



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Re: Workgroup Networking Printer Issue.

Post by Doctor Inferno on Sun 04 Oct 2009, 2:48 pm


This is a procedure that may work for installing network printers when the normal install doesn't work properly.

Start >> Control Panel >> Printers >> Add Printer >> Select Add Local Printer >> Uncheck Automatically detect my PnP printer >> Next.

Select Create a New Port and leave the default in the drop down selection as Local Port >> Next >> A small dialogue box asking for the port name.

Key in: \\{computer_name}\{printer_name}. >> OK.

Windows will show a list of printer vendors and models. The list looks just like the Windows Add Hardware Dialogue. Select your printer manufacturer and printer model from the list. If your specific printer isn't shown, you can click on Have Disk and browse to the folder where you have the unpacked drivers for your printer.

{computer_name} - Computer name from Control Panel, System status display.
{printer_name} - The actual name of the network printer viewed by browsing to the shared printer on the network.

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