Can't use Windows to connect to Internet?

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Can't use Windows to connect to Internet?

Post by x3princesselle on 7th September 2009, 3:34 am

I have 3 computers in my home. One has the modem & router hooked right up to it. My laptop connects to it and works fine. However, when I can't use windows to connect. I have to connect through the Intel Pro/set options then it works fine. When I try to connect through windows the message says the connection is no longer in range, every time i try it. Obviously, it is in range and I'm getting this message in error.

My 3rd computer, a dell like my laptop, has a wireless card hooked up. I have used it to connect wireless before and it has worked fine. But I am getting the same error as I was on my laptop, that it is "out of range." It is NOT out of range.

I don't understand why I am having this problem with both of my computers but can connect using a different program on my laptop. This isn't the case with my desktop though, so I need help )':


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