Can't connect to internet through router.

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Solved Can't connect to internet through router.

Post by quickstopme on 5th September 2009, 3:57 pm

We are using comcast and can connect to the internet through the modem (well after resetting the settings everytime we plug it in to our laptops). We bought a router (Trendnet 432BRP) and set up is simple and we can find and connect to it wirelessly but we can not get internet connection. Please help.


Edit: It seems like our basic problem is the router is not communicating with the modem. The modem work and we get internet when wired through that alone. The router works, we can connect to it wirelessly, but the WAN light should be flashing. We are able to connect to other wifi connections from our school, so it isn't our computers from what we can tell. Is there some kind of setting we should change?

Edit: So apparently the router was faulty. We went out and bought a Netgear and are up and running.


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