[tutorial] First time GPS activation for nokia phones

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[tutorial] First time GPS activation for nokia phones

Post by Jalokim on 1st September 2009, 8:54 am

How to activate your GPS

So you got a new phone it says you got GPS, you load up Nokia Maps, but no matter where you stand , no matter where you go, no satellites can see you, reach you or locate your position.
What am I doing wrong?
Why can't I use GPS?
I know I have GPS but it doesn't want to work.

I left those questions for SEO it always appears in google that way.

I use a Nokia N95, and I know this problem all to well.
You see the N series Nokia's won't automatically activate your GPS first time around.
This is a security feature. Well thats what Nokia said in any case.
Not even alternative software like TomTom or Garmin will react to GPS.

To activate GPS,
You first have to coordinate your current situation with the GPS data manager.

Step 1
Open your menu and find GPS data.
This application can be located either in the "Tools" or "Tools" -> "Utilities" folder on your phone.

Run the application.

Step 2
The program automatically starts searching for GPS satellites
You will see the "searching for GPS satellites" dialog box
later this dialog box changes to "calculating GPS data"

Step 3
Its time to find a good GPS spot. Since its the first time you are starting GPS you need to give it freedom.

Stand in an open area, away from antennas , trees and buildings.
Make sure you are in a sunny area without clouds blocking GPS data.
Its recommended to hold the phone at 45 degrees to the sun, with an open slider (phones with sliders only)

Step 4
On your phone the program should be done calculating the data previously collected in step 2
You should see 3 options:

Position and
Trip Distance

you can select anyone of these for the initiation process.
I selected Navigation.

Step 5

When you enter the navigation menu you should see a Waiting for GPS sign.
If you see this everything is working correctly. If you don't this is the first sign of a faulty GPS receiver (troubleshooting below).

Hit your left soft key and open the options menu
scroll to "satellite status" and hit ok (select/center button/accept)

The program will retrieve data

Step 6
The program is now looking for satellites and making them lock on your position.
You will see up to 5 bars. they are going to fill up and go down.
These are the satellites closest to you and trying to lock on your position.
Once a satellite locks on it'll change the color of your bar to a sold color.

When you get a minimum of 3 locked satellites you are ready to go.

Step 7
Once the 3 satellites have found you you may now exit the status window.
On the navigation tab you will see a compass showing your North.

You can now minimize the GPS data program by pressing the Menu button.

Start your maps program (this can be Nokia Maps / Garmin / Tomtom etc)
The maps program will now be able to connect to the GPS.

This is a trick to jump start your GPS.
Depending on Firmware and Nokia model this trick could be obsolete.
First try to see if your GPS connects, if not jump start it.

Nokia Phones with GPS recievers:
^^ don't forget to mark the GPS navigation option at the bottom of this list


tutorial written by Jalokim for GeekPolice


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