how to export macros

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Solved how to export macros

Post by fatguy on Fri 25 Jan 2008, 5:38 pm

How can I export a macro that Iíve created in ms Word 97 on my Windows 98 PC to another computer with XP?


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Solved Re: how to export macros

Post by Doctor Inferno on Fri 25 Jan 2008, 7:09 pm

Macros are stored in one of two places Ė and you decide where and when you create one. When you select Tools -> Macro -> Record New Macro youíre prompted to either create the macro in the global template ( file, or the document youíre currently working on Ė by default, is selected so that the macros are available in all documents you create.

Your file is also where all custom styles, toolbars and autotext entries are stored, and itís possible to transfer all of these Ė plus your macros Ė from one machine to another courtesy of Wordís Macro Organizer tool. The walkthrough below explains how to access it and back up your macros to a file you then transfer to your second PC before copying those macros into the file on that computer so the macros are accessible from there too.

While this tool is the best way to transfer macros, or other individual elements of your file (just select the appropriate tab to transfer styles, toolbars and autotext entries in exactly the same way), if youíre migrating to another PC you may wish to take all your settings with you. If you have Office 2000 or later you can use the Save My Settings Wizard to back up all your Office customisations Ė including the template Ė and then use the same wizard on your new computer to restore them to the version of Office installed there.

Office XP and 2003 users will find the tool installed with Office Ė access it from the Microsoft Office Tools menu on the Start -> All Programs menu; Office 2000 users need to download it from Itís called the Microsoft Office 2000 Profile Wizard here.

1. Launch Word and create a new document. Save it with the name macro_backup.
Now select Tools -> Macro -> Macros and click the Organizer button. This will launch the Macro Organizer Tool.

2. By default macro_backup should be selected in the left-hand window and the template in the right. If this isnít so, just pick them from each drop-down menu. Select the macros entry in the right-hand window and click Copy.

3. The macros will be copied to macro_backup, so click Close, save the document and transfer it to your other PC. Now launch Word on that PC and repeat steps one and two. This time select the macros in the left-hand window then click Copy.

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