Can someone please help me with Windows anti-virus Pro

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Can someone please help me with Windows anti-virus Pro

Post by bimmer02 on 28th August 2009, 12:04 am

Hi, can someone please help me...i notice that alot of member have this same problem and tried to follow everything.
1: i did have MAM and tried to run it as soon as i saw that window pro pop up...but it froze and than my pc shut down by it self.

2:i re-stared my pc and that windowpro pop up and stay there for ever. i tried to run MAM and nothing. the virus wouldnt allow the program to run. so i try to dl a newer version of it and it did dl and i was able to install it. but when i went to run wouldnt let me open

3:i went to safe mode and did(does) the same thing. I cannt open anything. wont let me run non of my mam,spyware doctor, norton, nothing. so i tried doing this

ctrl+alt+delete first to get that task manager up.
end windows antivirus pro.exe
THEN quickly install the program (MAM).

but the task manager wont pop up. not even in safe mode...nothing

I dont know what to do...please help me. I hate to take it to bestbuy and pay alot of money when i can just make donation.... please some help me


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