Dell Inspiron 6000 battery not charging

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Dell Inspiron 6000 battery not charging

Post by atmabhava on 25th August 2009, 5:41 pm


I noticed the other day that my battery was dead, thinking that it was kaput i got a new one and then realised my computer wasnt actually charging it. The battery charge light does not come on. The power meter shows charge of battery when adaptor is unplugged. A couple of years ago, a surge of power blew my adaptor up so had to replace that. Since then there has been some small issues with laptop. e.g If battery was charging, computer would not turn on unless adaptor was first unplugged. It would turn on fine of battery was full. So this makes me think it is the motherboard? Any help would be great to actually confirm if this is the case before i go get a new one.
I looked in BIOS and it shows the ac adaptor-unknown identity, so i think it is not the charger, computer runs fine with that. Cheers


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