Computer security help.....Please help!!!!

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Computer security help.....Please help!!!!

Post by plopk45 on 18th August 2009, 3:55 pm

Ok hi guys this is kind of an embarrassing issue i have on my hands. I tried to chnage my network security to wep so i put my code into the adress bar and it came up with the options. and i went to advanced and chnaged it to wep security now i can no longer access the internet and its bugging me to hell. I have a laptop and a desktop computer the laptop is vista and the desktop is xp the desktop wont let me get on where as the lapstop dosent either but says somthing like the settings on the computer does not match the network somthing or other. now i am completely stuck and locked out. i think i have to change my computers security to wep but i am not sure about this. Please could someone help me out here or at least try because i am getting desperate. Any links any tutorials to fix this exact problem please tell me



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Re: Computer security help.....Please help!!!!

Post by Chosen1 on 19th August 2009, 11:19 am

Have you tried resetting your router? There's usually a pin hole reset button at back of the router.

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