System Security Malware, best of the worse!

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System Security Malware, best of the worse!

Post by lanczar on 16th August 2009, 6:59 pm

I just spent the better part of 2 days cleaning off “System Security” malware for my son’s laptop.

The system would not even boot, once that was resolved I found System Security malware. I have been very successful in removing malware in the past but this malware if very difficult to eradicate. McAfee would not load, Malwarebyte would not load, task manager was disabled and the system would not boot to safe mode without blue screening.

Task manager was disabled in the registry and was an easy fix but most of the easy fixes posted on the net did not work. It wasn’t until I read this posting [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] on the Malwarebytes forum did I begin to make progress. This lead me to a program called “rootrepeal” which showed the programs that were hiding from Windows and stopping Malwarebytes from running.

Once these “UAC” files were eliminated, Malwarebytes ran. “System Security” was dead but McAfee still would not install. It turns out that McAfee needed Internet Explorer to be running in order to clean out some temporary files. My son was running Firefox and IE was nowhere to be found. Once IE was reinstalled, the McAfee install program ran.

Can you imagine how much good and how much money these bastards could make if they wrote legitimate programs? If I were to meet some of these idiots I would shake their hand and tell them how smart they are, just before I punched their teeth out!

The Lanczar


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