Computer will not turn on at all !

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Solved Computer will not turn on at all !

Post by Suijen on 25th April 2008, 12:41 am


I hope that someone here can help me out with a problem I've been dealing with for the last few days. My computer will not start at all. I push the power button, nothing happens. Fans, hard drive, Heat sink none of it turns on at all. My first assumption when this happend was that I just blew out a Power Supply Unit. Wrong, I actually tried two of them to make sure that it wasnt just a bad power supply.

The reason why I don't think it is the power supply is becuase the green light on the mother board turns on when I flip the power switch in the back. If it wasnt getting power there would be nothing to turn that light on right? Either way I cleaned out the computer so I know it has nothing to do with being dusty. The last conclusion I can come up with is that somehow I killed my mother board.

I'm writting in hopes of a miracle that doesnt involve spending a fortune on a new mother board. If anyone has any ideas or knows that's what it is for sure please let me know.

Computer Specs. Incase it might help:
Antec 650w power supply
Intel Desktop Board (D915PBL) for Intel Petium 4

Thanks in Advance,


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Solved Re: Computer will not turn on at all !

Post by Digitalocksmith on 25th April 2008, 3:07 pm

It may not be the motherboard if your getting nothing at all, no fans spinning up, hard drives etc.
Usually everything will fire up (fans etc) but your system simply wont POST if the mobo were an issue.

If youv'e tried alternate PSU's with the same results, firstly try reseating the following:

*reseat the internal cables and make sure everything is connected (ie ATX to mobo and front power cable on case etc)

*reseat the memory modules (RAM sticks)

*reseat the video card and all other expansion cards in PCI/AGP slots etc.

Also check that the CPU is correctly seated and that the heatsink assembly is sitting flush where it should be.

Make sure you take precautions with ESD (static electricity) and ground yourself before touching any componentry inside your box.


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