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Post by Doctor Inferno on 19th January 2008, 5:28 am

All your windows. Three ways to see them: dock, grid, and tile.

Quickly find your application. Just start typing.

~and many more~...

For those who've made the jump to Windows Vista but don't like the angled multipane view, Switcher offers a familiar and less-jarring alternative.

Using fully customizable hot keys, you can activate the app with nothing more than a single keystroke or mouse gesture. The currently active program will then drop slightly on the screen and the other active apps will appear above it in minimized form. The opacity of the inactive programs can be tailored to your tastes, as can nearly everything else about Switcher. Dock padding and location, mouse trigger corner, transition duration, view of minimized versions of the inactive apps, and more can be adjusted. You can even organize the Options menu alphabetically or by category.



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