How to add memory to a partition

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How to add memory to a partition

Post by Windows.7.Tester on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:11 pm

Hi, I tried to dual boot Ubuntu with my Windows Vista and it installed correctly and the boot loader works, but I it would not let me install Ubuntu on my own partition, it made its own partition but only left like 50mb to download stuff, which is definitely not enough for me.

So, is there anyway to add some more memory from my C Drive onto the partition that Ubuntu made?

when i try and do it with the Vista Partitioner it just won't let me and its grayed out.

Also, I can't just take Ubuntu off, then expand the volume and re install it, because if I take off Ubuntu it still uses the Ubuntu boot loader and sense Ubuntu is not installed it will screw me system up.

Can someone please tell me a way to get around this? either how to take off Ubuntu and the GRUB boot loader so that Windows loads normally, or tell me how to expand the volume of the Ubuntu partition so that there is more room on it.

I know that i repeated myself alot in here, but I just wanted to make it self explanatory so that people don't just post reply's asking what I mean.

Thank you in advance,

- Windows.7.Tester


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Re: How to add memory to a partition

Post by Doctor Inferno on Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:16 am


Boot into Vista. Start >> type in disk management >> right click the selected disk >> shrink volume.

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