Access denied to HDD and secondary partition following networking

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Solved Access denied to HDD and secondary partition following networking

Post by mariealabama on 13th July 2009, 4:12 am

OK, here is the set up. 2 Desktops and one laptop(all running Windows 7 x64 RC1) and three printers hard wired to a 1TB external HDD/ N speed router. My roommate's laptop and desktop have been hooked up since installing the new OS, and they are running flawlessly and have communication to the network drive and the printers(as long as the driver's are installed). I was wirelessly hooked up to the router, but because of some compatibility issues I am now wired. While wireless I could not access anything regarding the network aside from it being my connection to the internet. After he hardwired it today, I tried to access the network drive to back up my media. First just as a precaution, I set both of my partitions to allow sharing on all networks and to share EVERYTHING. I tried to connect to my roommate's computer to use it as a midway point since he can access the network drive, and I was unsuccessful in my attempt to create a homegroup. After complaining a bit, I had my A+ certified roommate try and figure out what my computer was doing and why it wouldn't allow me access to the network. He accessed the network drive by typing \\timecapsule\tcd into WINDOWS explorer, and after we figured out the username and password on the network, I was able to access the Z:\ drive. Excitedly, and instinctively I go to my HDD and my partition and attempt to open them so I can begin to back up my data, but to both our surprises there was an error that read "Access denied." I am logged in as the admin and when I attempt to change any settings I get an error message that says "Access denied: Process requires elevation". We attempted to boot in safe mode and still had the problem. I cannot open programs, and when they open, they immediately crash. At this point, files can be accessed by opening a folder in the C:\ or D:\ drive, but I have not attempted to copy or cut them.

Good Luck...i really don't have an idea in the world aside from reformating and i would really hate to do that.


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