Bickering with the ISP about bandwidth use

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Solved Bickering with the ISP about bandwidth use

Post by spacephrawgg on 5th July 2009, 11:05 pm

I haven't had to deal with this yet but my friend has. Here's the situation - both of us use almost all of our allotted bandwidth frequently. His ISP called him up and told him to knock it off. Now just between you and me, yes he was sharing torrent files, but here's how he handled it: "you mean to tell me I'm not allowed to use the bandwidth I'm already paying for?" The result was a stalemate. The ISP doesnt bother him anymore and he uses torrent programs a little less. If I tried that defense with my ISP, do you think I could get away with it? If it got as far as court, could i use that defense there too? I mean it sounds perfectly reasonable. I'm paying for the bandwidth. Why shouldn't I be able to use it all, as frequently as I like?

Have any of you had to deal with the this sort of situation before? How did you handle it? Thanks! and Happy July 5th!


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Solved Re: Bickering with the ISP about bandwidth use

Post by Digitalocksmith on 9th July 2009, 5:50 am

Your entitiled to use every MB of Bandwidth that your paying your ISP for......The issue is, what your doing with that bandwidth?

Each country has is its own legalities regarding this issue.

Some countries are now forcing ISP's to reveal the download activities of their paying clients and this is where the problem occur's.

They are only really going to bother contacting you if they see that your not following the letter of the law with what you are using your bandwidth for.....they dont care about how much your using as long as your paying the bill.
And believe me, they know what your accessing!

Dont worry too much though, there are literally millions upon millions of people worldwide who file share and many do it in a big way.....they are going to go after the big fish before they even worry about what your doing!

In short, if they question you, there is nothing you can really say other than what your friend has said.
If they really want to come after you, they will have all your download details on file that they can use as evidence in court......and despite what you say, evidence is what they need.

Having said that, they also need your business to make a profit so i wouldn't worry too much.



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