Flash Lags like crazy

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Flash Lags like crazy

Post by Venomblood on Mon 29 Jun 2009, 12:02 pm

Basically, whenever I'm using some sort of Flash based program on the internet, such as Flash games or Youtube, it lags. This isn't due to my system specs because for one, it didn't use to do this, and two, my brother has the exact same computer without this problem. When it lags, it isn't continuous or connected to things like 'how many objects are on the screen'. It has a random amount of time (1-10 seconds) of perfect smoothness, then another random amount of time lagging. I'd say that it lags to about 1/3 of the original speed.

I've tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, and they all produce this lagging. I've reinstalled the Flash Player plugin and that didn't fix it. Restarting my computer didn't do the trick either. In my processes window, nothing except the browser is taking up a substantial amount of memory or CPU (about 60-80% of CPU). I've made sure to close out of other applications and taskbar items just to make sure.

This is becoming an increasingly annoying problem, mostly because I'm a Flash developer. If I want to test games online or anything like that, it becomes hard to impossible. My standalone Flash player, however, does not lag.



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