Linux Fedora 10 problem

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Solved Linux Fedora 10 problem

Post by 1337sword on 25th June 2009, 12:42 am

Hi. I have a Linux server that holds all of our family's files on it. My dad updated something on it, and now when I log in I get a black screen. I am still able to move my cursor though.

After a few seconds in the black screen, a box comes up in the top left for less than a second, and then a Tip box replaces it, making me unable to read the message. I tried disabling notifications, but the tip box continues to show up.

I checked the boot messages and it says certain things failed to boot. They are:

  • Ntfs-3g news, support and information:
  • Something around 12 lines long, about not being able to read or detect our backup harddrive (we disabled this and the server still did not work)
  • Router Discovery
  • Avahi Daemon

My dad said to try and run the GUI using root, but we don't know the command so I can't do it

Can somebody please help?



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Solved Re: Linux Fedora 10 problem

Post by Doctor Inferno on 27th June 2009, 5:28 am


The command is to log in as root at a console then:

init 3

Then at the root prompt type:


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