Unable to obtain IP Add & Default gateway add or something like tat.

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Unable to obtain IP Add & Default gateway add or something like tat.

Post by dropleague on 11th June 2009, 4:51 pm


It's been a while since i came here.

My little problem here is kinda unusual.
Right now I have 3 computers.
I'll name it as 1,2 and 3 to make things easier.
Currently I'm using 3 to access this website.
1 is my family's computer,
2 is my computer
3 is my Old computer.
these three computers is connected to the internet through a router & a modem.
The wires are plucked correctly and the computers are connected with the same domain name.
in other words, the network is stable in my opinion.

the weird thing is,
computer 1 and 3 is able to access internet with no problems.
but computer 2 - my own computer. is unable to do so.
1 and 3 have no problems in drivers whatsoever. basically, nothing's wrong.
Computer 2 keeps attempting to renew it's IP add,
(bottom right hand corner's internet icon is always showing the "trying to connect icon"
Hope u guys know what i mean.
basically it's not connected.
all three computers is using the same OS, Windows XP Pro SP2.
Computer 1 and 3 is using Windows XP Pro SP3 though.
but no matter.

back to my own computer.
i reinstalled the modem and lan card drivers. (my lan card is on-board)
I tried to use the simple right click repair button on my network icon on the bottom right hand corner but to no avail.
I just dunno what to do to fix this crap problem.
Why isit that my 2 other computers can access the internet but mine can't?

I recently moved house. before the moving, computer 3 and 1 is on network and both is able to use the internet.
Computer 2's motherboard was spoiled then.
I just fixed it.

before my moving house. I'm able to access the internet through internet browsers and use the internet in every possible way, Lan gaming through network and Online etc.
My internet seems so normal that it doesn't look like it's gonna even lose it's connected status.
but once i moved. and i set up all three computers.
Only mine can't work.
I switched the wire connected to the router from my computer a few times to test if the ports and wires are okay.
Nothing's wrong with them.

I was wondering if maybe my onboard lancard has something wrong.
or something. I'm Losing ideas...
i don't think my service provider can really help me out in network crap. (router and stuff)

so here i am seeking help here.
hope someone can help me fast.
even though my other computers can access the internet.
my own computer is the most powerful among all the comps at home.
so i really need the internet access fast...

please someone help me.
thanks lots.

PS: when i check the IP Add and default gateway, It's all 0.00.00. or something like tat...
it's all zeros... they aren't proper numbers... well.. that's how i call it. haha

I don't really mess with internet things so i don't really know anything about it...
so hope some pro out there can come here and read these nonsense out.

Thankyou! XD


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