Photoshop/Dreamweaver help!!

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Solved Photoshop/Dreamweaver help!!

Post by bronbron81 on Fri 05 Jun 2009, 12:35 pm

How do you extend photoshop web layouts in dreamweaver?
I have been searching long and hard and I cannot find the answer to my question. I know how to create, slice, and import photoshop layouts into dreamweaver, but I don't now how to make the page longer or extend it to fit more content then what the layout is normally set to. I want to add more content to a page but the layout is already in a fixed width and height. I was wondering if anyone could help me out here even if it is just telling me what to research because I simply can't find anything on google. I just want to add more content enough that you have to scroll to see it.



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Solved Re: Photoshop/Dreamweaver help!!

Post by Agent Cosmic on Fri 05 Jun 2009, 7:09 pm

I'm assuming the the only area you need to extend is a content area. There are two options to this.

First, you can add a div to wrap your content and set the CSS to overflow: scroll or auto. This will add a scroll bar to you div, just like the browser window.

Second is to create a seamless pattern vertically or on both axis so that it tiles when the content area stretches. Here's an illustration:

All you need is three images and 3 divs lay out in that manner. The one in the center is where you place your content. Set the CSS to background: url(...) repeat-y; or background: url(...) repeat;.
If your top and bottom image is to big, and you want the content to go on it, you can add this to the center div: padding-top: -50px; padding-bottom: -50px;

I hope I have helped

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