Mouse Gestures - Cool Firefox Addon!

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Mouse Gestures - Cool Firefox Addon!

Post by Doctor Inferno on 8th January 2008, 1:00 pm

Mouse Gestures are a fast way to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars. Instead, the user holds down a mouse button (usually the right one), moves the mouse in a certain way to form a gesture, then releases the mouse button.

In web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or the Mozilla Suite, gestures are used to go back or forward a page, switch between tabs, open multiple links at once, control text or image size, and numerous other functions. It also works with Opera, unfortunately IE users are left in the dust.

Back (Left):
Goes back a page in the browsing history.

Forward (Right):
Goes one page forward in the browsing history.

Close Tab/Window (Down-Right):
Closes the active tab, or if there is only one tab, the window.

New Tab (Up):
Opens the link crossed by the gesture in a new tab. If there is no such link, an empty tab is opened.

New Window (Down):
Opens the link crossed by the gesture in a new browser window. If there is no such link, an empty window is opened.

Open links in tabs (end with Right-Up-Left):
Making any gesture ending with a straight Right-Up-Left movement opens all crossed links in tabs.

Mouse Gestures v1.5 - Key Features:

* Customizable gesture mappings: You can easily choose which gesture triggers which action. There is no need to type in codes, just click "Recognize" and do the gesture you want!
* Unlimited set of functions: Besides over 60 built-in gesture functions, you can add your own. With a little knowledge of JavaScript, you can create a gesture that does exactly what you want. Everything that you can do via menus or toolbar buttons can be done with a gesture!
* Easy gesture sharing: With special links placed on web pages, everyone can import gesture mappings and new functions, and everyone can publish their own. Visit Gesture Exchange to see some examples.
* Bookmark gestures: Create a gesture that opens any of your bookmarks - in the current tab/window, a new tab or window, or the sidebar. Just click the "Gesture" button in a bookmark's properties window to define a gesture for it.
* Sidebar that helps you learn: Mouse Gestures includes a Firefox sidebar that displays drawings that show you how to make each gesture, and offers shortcuts to settings and web pages via the context menu. After installing, press Ctrl-Shift-O or drag the Mouse Gestures Guide button to your Firefox toolbar.
* Wheel rockers: Hold down a mouse button and scroll the mouse wheel to trigger an action of your choice - for example, resizing images/text or quickly switching tabs.
* Unmatched compatibility: Regardless whether you use Windows or Linux, whether you're using Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, the Mozilla Suite or Chatzilla - Mouse Gestures are there. (It may even run on other operating systems

Download: (copy link into address bar if clicking don't work)

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Re: Mouse Gestures - Cool Firefox Addon!

Post by Chosen1 on 12th January 2008, 2:44 am

Nice add-on, i like it, thnx! :face:

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